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Neophyte is a term used to describe new Catholics.
Once participants in the RCIA process receive the sacraments; they continue to attend RCIA sessions.
Typically the sessions go until Pentecost. While formal mystagogy sessions will end on May 8; 
continued study opportunities will be provided. Mystagogy is a time to reflect and learn more about 
the sacraments received at the Easter Vigil. 

Welcome to our 24 Neophytes who joined the St. John the Baptist family at the Easter Vigil.


Those in the Inquire class continue to meet every Tuesday night to ask questions and talk more about 
the Catholic Faith.


The 4 Phases of the RCIA Process:

The Inquire phase of the RCIA is a time to ask questions and discuss Catholic teachings.
The Inquiry phase leads into the Catechumenate where participants enter more deeply into church teachings.
After some time in the Catechumenate, which is decided through prayer and discernment; participants
move into the phase of Purification and Enlightenment. The Purification phase starts in Lent and lasts until 
the Easter Vigil. After the Easter Vigil, and the reception of the sacraments of initiation, participants enter 
the phase of Mystagogy. The Mystagogy phase ends at Pentecost. New Catholics, called Neophytes, remain 
so for one year. 

Want to start RCIA?

Great! We welcome new seekers/participants all the time.
We meet on Tuesday nights here at the parish @ 7 pm, stop by and check it out.