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Our original four blocks of training with prayer are:

Altaration: Explanation of the true encounter experience at Mass. Included is an emphasis on our vocations to Holy Orders, religious life and marriage. 
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Theology of the Body: Marriage prep which starts in middle school and high school. Driven by St. Pope John Paul II's teachings during the first five years of his pontificate.
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Salvation History Bible Study: Emphasizes the 14 historical book of the bible and the major events of salvation history with an emphasis on the roots of our Catholic identity and how to read the signs of the times' in light of Biblical History.
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Catholic Social Teaching: drawing heavily on resources from Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities, Catholic Rural Life and many other Catholic missionary agencies. Follow up with focused study of the Prophets.

Catholic Prayer: How to do it and how to lead it. Prayer as a genuine personal and community encounter with God.

 Subsequent blocks of training and formation following the initial four blocks will provide countless opportunities to enhance most all areas of our knowledge of the faith as well as our ability to evangelize in our modern age. We will draw from the Traditions handed down to us by the official teaching Church and also from the endless creativity and gifts of our St. John the Baptist Community.