Pastor & Staff

Pastor & Staff

Office Phone: (801) 984-7101 | Office Email: [email protected]


Fr. Stephen M. Tilley
[email protected] | 801-984-7103

If you are in immediate need to talk with a priest, please call the number above and then press 1


Dc. Jeremy Castellano (Liturgy & Liturgical Ministries)
[email protected] | 801-984-7672

Pastoral Assistant

Michelle Rasmussen
[email protected] | 801-984-7104

Director of Faith Formation

Nancy Lefort
[email protected] or [email protected] | 801-984-7125

Youth Ministry & Social Justice Coordinator

Liz Canto
[email protected] | 801-984-7118

RCIA Coordinator

Martha Happ
[email protected]

Jennifer Kane

Office Manager & Safe Environment Coordinator
[email protected] | 801-984-7110

Brooke Armijo

Office Assistant
[email protected]
| 801-984-7112


Collin Carlson - Manager
[email protected] | 801-984-7120

George Layne - Assistant
[email protected]


Jody Gibson
[email protected] | 801-984-7111

Music Ministry Director

Ann Werner
[email protected]

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