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Preparation for the sacrament Confirmation take place after a  child reaches age 13, or 8th grade.  Sacrament preparation is not a part of the curriculum at the Saint John the Baptist schools.  All children who wish to prepare for these sacraments must register in the parish sacramental preparation program. 

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Class sessions are offered on Sunday mornings between the masses (9:30am-10:50am) 

In order to prepare for sacraments, children must meet the following prerequisites. 

  • Must have already received the sacrament of Baptism.  If Baptism was received outside of Saint John the Baptist Parish, a Baptismal certificate must be submitted to the parish office.  If Baptism was received in another Christian denomination or has not yet been received, please contact Rachel Holt in the parish office as soon as possible to coordinate special arrangements.
  • Must have completed at least one full school year of faith formation either in a Catholic school or in a parish faith formation program immediately prior to the desired sacrament preparation year.   If the prerequisite formation was completed outside of Saint John the Baptist Parish/School,  a letter of completion is required. 
  •  Must be actively practicing their Catholic faith.  This includes regular Sunday Mass attendance with their parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Must have already received the sacrament of First Communion. For students that have not yet received their First Communion, contact the parish office for class placement.

Preparation for students of Catholic schools takes place from September - January(Fall Session)  OR  January - April(Spring Session) 

Preparation for students in non-catholic schools takes place from September -April.  

A fee for the Confirmation Preparation  is $85.  Registration Deadline is August 19.  Register now to save.
No person will ever be denied participation in any parish Faith Formation program due to an inability to pay fees. 
Please contact parish office if you are in need of a fee waiver.  

Families must be registered members of St. John the Baptist Parish. If you are registered at a different parish you will need to meet with our pastor and obtain a letter of permission from the pastor of the church you are registered with.

Contact Rachel Holt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration information.  Questions? Call (801)984-7112.