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This Culture of Life initiative by Bishop Solis is to help us understand the more comprehensive nature of what it means to be ‘Pro-Life’.  

Often being ‘Pro-Life’ is equated with being passionately against abortion.  It is that of course; however, we also understand pro-life as being aware of and supporting the dignity of human life at every stage, from conception to natural death.  In fact, being pro-life begins before conception.  Being properly prepared for a pregnancy ensures the most peaceful and healthy experience possible even in the womb. 

When we birth our children will they come into a world that is soul-friendly?  Will they have a family and community that will help them identify and develop their spiritual gifts and charisms so they can live a fully human life?   Will they find work that is really meaningful and somehow contributes to the common good and is consistent with God’s plan and order for the world?  What if we are elderly and sick or in need of spiritual healing and renewal, can we as a community and neighborhood provide a genuinely helpful outreach.  The Ministry provides Saint John the Baptist parishioners opportunities to defend and support life, from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.  For more information please contact:


Sherri & Matt Bickley