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 A Eucharistic People: Called, Lifted and Sent

In our increasingly complex world, which is readily felt in our religious lives as well, I often need to simplify in my own mind, "What is it again that we are actually supposed to be doing?" What I often revert to is, 'Called, Lifted and Sent'. This is actually the movement of the Mass which is our most common experience as Catholics.

We are CALLED from anywhere and everywhere, in whatever state we are in, to come join the community of believers. We are gathered together, in the holiest experience possible on earth, to enter into a deep state of communion with God and each other.

We are LIFTED along with the consecrated bread and wine into a Divine state. If we have truly repented of our sins at the penitential rite and have recognized our common story in the proclamation of the Scriptures, if we understand our own life story, if we recognize the truth in Catholic teaching, if we have really recognized our common experience as sons and daughters of God, then we should feel a sense of being lifted to a state where we can actually see each other as we really are. Just when the priest places his hands over the gifts of bread and wine, and the Spirit  is called upon them during the epiclesis, ("And so Father we bring You these gifts; we ask You to make them holy by the power of your Spirit"), we should almost feel as if we are levitating, being lifted .   As St. John prefigures in 1 Jn 3:2, 'we shall be like God, for we shall see Him as He really is' and by extension, we now see each other as we really are.

With this new corrected vision of ourselves and each other, with this renewed and deepened experience of our common identity, we are then SENT out to see and experience the world as God does. We will see through all the inequities, distortions, disorder and confusion as God does and we will respond as if all the suffering peoples were our own children, part of us. We will understand our true place in the order of all Creation and live accordingly.

At St. John the Baptist Parish we are in the process of implementing our new Mission and Vision Statements and a new Pastoral Plan. We invite you to join us to become the people God has created us to be.