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Well almost everything.  I was going to subtitle the Apostolate for Catholic Elders guidelines with "How to Fix Everything in 15 Years", but I thought that might be a little presumptuous. It is fun, however, to visualize a simpler and saner world.

A couple years ago upon turning a new decade of life, I was camping out in the Valley of Fire State Park in SE Nevada. As I was sipping on fresh-brewed morning coffee and watching the rising sun show itself on the red rocks, I reflected on what advice I might give to a younger generation that is inheriting this very complicated world we are passing along to them. In about one hour I came up with this list. I encourage all 'elders' over 50 to prayerfully consider what sage advice you might pass along to our descendants.

Fr. Rick Sherman,

Apostolate of Catholic Elders.pdf