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The St. John the Baptist Ladies Association (SJBLA) is excited to announce five deserving women have been nominated as our parish’s 2021 Woman of the Year. We are taking a different approach this year in an effort to select the woman who has served the parish in an extraordinary manner. All parish members are invited to vote electronically: please watch for details via Flocknote.


Despite her small stature, Candidate A is a giant in the lives of many. She is dedicated to her Catholic faith and has led the RCIA program at SJB for many years. Candidate A was instrumental in the RCIA journey for both me and my son-in-law.

Candidate A never misses a Mass and is often at SJB twice (or more) on a weekend, usually leading the dismissal or a retreat for the catechumens and candidates. Her energy is boundless, and Candidate A generates enthusiasm, passion, and love for our faith. She becomes friends with all she meets and invariably will have new parishioners over for dinner or will reach out by phone during the week to check in. The priests, deacons, nuns, and lay volunteers all look to Candidate A for assistance and guidance, and she never turns anyone down who needs her help.

Candidate A and her husband of many years have become great friends to us (but I bet many of the SJB family can make that same claim!). We can’t think of a more deserving person for this honor than Candidate A! We give her our highest recommendation!

Candidate B

I want to nominate Candidate B for 2021 Woman of the Year. Candidate B is a leader in our faith and in life. She homeschools her three boys. She leads a bible study. Every week she creates insightful questions to spur spiritual conversations. She also starts Lenten groups, reaches out to new faces at church, and is the first to volunteer for anything. Candidate B also helps with baptism weekends at St. John the Baptist.

Daily, Candidate B is up at 5 a.m. to pray and reflect on how to incorporate God into her life. Her boys are asking me religious questions all of the time and I can tell faith is first and foremost at home. Her whole family is on fire with their faith. The two eldest boys alter service and Candidate B sings beautifully at Sunday 8:30 masses. Candidate B is a woman who follows her vocation, embodies our Blessed Mother, and is a powerful example to all.

Candidate C

Candidate C is on the parish council and sometimes sings at mass. She and her family attend Mass. She coordinates the Young Mom’s group. It is a joy to see her and her family at church activities.

Candidate D

Candidate D is and has been a beautiful and welcoming face at SJB for as long as I can remember. She is a lady of many talents who joyously shares in some way each time she’s in church. She has chaired and served on several Festival committees. We have enjoyed her voice both on the choir and in trio music groupings. Currently a lector, EM, and usher, Candidate D is known, respected, and loved by all. Not to forget that she’s that lady behind the camera during mass and events, providing many of our lovely weekly bulleting covers. I recommend Candidate D without reservation as 2021’s Woman of the Year.

Candidate E

I would like to nominate Candidate E for Woman of the Year. Candidate E is involved in the parish life as an usher. Especially during the last two years, she has been a constant face of joy and love to everyone who walks in the doors to attend Mass. Even when she was wearing a mask, you could see the smile in her eyes. She comes with her granddaughters and daughter-in-law to Mass every weekend. She is a member of the ACTS community and is a strong, faith-filled “prayer-warrior.” She sends weekly prayer requests to those of us who have agreed to be her “warriors,” asking us to pray for everyone and anyone. Her love and trust in the Lord is evident in her actions and her words.

She is a servant-leader. She does not ask anything for herself but is always thinking of others. If you are sick, she will bring you food. If you are sad, she will give you a hug and pray for you. If you are laughing, she will join in.

Many people know Candidate E, even if they do not know her name. Her big smile, welcoming all to the Mass and to the community, lets everyone know that here, in the house of the Lord, all are welcome and all are loved.

When you think of a Catholic woman, her face is one that comes to mind quickly. I highly recommend Candidate E for Woman of the Year.

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