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The Second Vatican Council Constitution on the Liturgy reminds us that the Eucharistic Liturgy is the source and summit of our spiritual life. Parishioners are invited to serve in several ministerial roles in the liturgy: Lectors, Ushers, Communion Ministers, Ministers to the Sick, Sacristans, Altar Servers, Liturgical Dancers, Musicians, Accompanists and on the Art and Environment Committee. Deacon Dale Dillon, Pastoral Associate, supervises liturgical ministries and serves as staff liaison to the Parish Liturgy Committee. If you are interested in serving the community as a liturgical minister, please contact Deacon Dale in the parish office, (801) 984-7125

Master of Ceremony

Parish Office
(801) 984-7101

The Master of Ceremony, or M.C., assists with preparations for the Mass, verifying that liturgical ministers are present and helps altar servers prepare for the Mass. During the Mass, the M.C. assists the celebrant, and directs the general flow of action during the Mass.

Communion Ministry

Pam Bojack
(801) 891-9318

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve at the scheduled weekend Masses, and are commonly referred to as EMs. EMs are required to have received all of the sacraments and are carefully trained in practices and procedures of the Ministry, Level I.

This level of EM training is a prerequisite for the Level II, Ministry to the Sick. For more information please contact, Pam Bojack.

Art & Environment

Ilene O’Reilly
(801) 556-2733

The Art and Environment Ministry designs and prepares the liturgical decorations for the Altar and Nave of the church in keeping with the liturgical season. The decorations reflect and enhance the liturgy to deepen spirituality and the experience of the Holy Mass.

If you would like to help please contact Ilene O’Reilly.

Lector Ministry

Nevah Stevenson
(801) 710-1342

The first part of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Word, focuses on the scriptures. The lector is the minister who brings these to life for all to hear. To be able to do this, the lector must first understand the scripture passages and then successfully communicate them to the assembly.

The lector must be skilled in this form of public speaking and must have mastered the specific reading. For more information about the Lector’s Ministry, please contact Nevah Stevenson. 

Liturgical Dance

Parish Office
(801) 984-7101

The Liturgical Dance Ministry participates in some of our special Liturgies during the year, notably Christmas and Easter. There is also a Liturgical Dance group as part of the YAB Ministry.

If you are interested in Liturgical Dance please contact Parish Office.

Altar Server Ministry

Pat Glavin
(801) 901-9647

Sr. Celine Dounies
(801) 984-7342

The Altar Server Ministry is often the first introduction to service in the Liturgy for our youth. The Diocese of Salt Lake allows both girls and boys to assist the priest at Mass. Youth can serve during the parish weekend Masses when they are 12 years old or in the fifth grade.

Music Ministry

Cameron Brownell
(801) 984-7118

The mission of the Music Ministry is to enhance the beauty and spirituality of the Liturgy. Musical groups include an adult choir, youth ministry choir, guitar group, as well as small ensembles and individual cantors.

New voices are always welcome, as well as accompanists and instrumentalists. For more information on the music ministry, please contact Cameron Brownell.


Marnel Terry
(801) 520-2135

Ushers greet and extend hospitality to parishioners and visitors fifteen to twenty minutes before each Mass. Ushers provide hospitality, find a family to take up gifts at Offertory, assist the worshipers, take up the collection, and pass out bulletins at the end of Mass.

For more information please contact Marnel Terry.