Sunday, December 12 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

This weeks topic is: The Birth of Jesus / Jesus Grows Up

Step #1: Read the bible stories:

  • Illustrated Bible, pages 184-196
  • GPS Storybook Bible, pages 135-139

Step #2: Watch today's stories

Today's Sanctuary Lesson was quite different. It was story time!! We heard three different stories shared by different Sanctuary Friends. We fortunately found links online to each of the stories. Maybe you have the stories at home! Enjoy story time.

Story #1: The Legend of the Candy Cane, written by Lori Walburg, illustrated by James Bernardin

Story #2: Saint Nicholas, written by Julie Stiegemeyer, illustrated by Chris Ellison

Story #3: The Christmas Story, written by Jane Werner, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

There are no questions this week.

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