Congratulations on your decision to have your child baptized! We believe that Baptism frees us from sin, and indelibly marks us as reborn children of God. Through Baptism, we become members of the body of Christ, his Church, and share in the mission of the Church; calling all to the love of Christ and taking part in building up the kingdom of God on earth.

"Infant Baptism" is for those who are 6 years of age and younger. If the child to be baptized is 7 years of age or older, please contact the Director of Faith Formation at 801-984-7125, or email [email protected] for information. The process is different from Infant Baptism.

In most cases, we ask that families be registered in our Parish before continuing with the Baptism process. To register in our Parish, please click HERE

    Steps to be taken for Infant Baptism:

    • Fill out a Baptism Request form HERE
    • Email your child's birth certificate to the Baptism Coordinator at [email protected]
    • Pay the Baptism fee HERE. The suggested amount is $50 to cover the use of Church facilities and supplies.
    • Parents need to attend a Baptism Class at our Parish. We have Baptism classes twice per month. (Class schedule is on our calendar - link on the homepage, or you can email the Baptism Coordinator.)
    • If Godparents are members of St. John the Baptist, they need to:
      • attend a Baptism Class
      • fill out a "Baptism Sponsor Form" and have Fr. Tilley sign it (form located below).
    • If Godparents are members of another parish, they need to:
      • obtain a "Letter of Good Standing" from their home parish. Original letter with Parish seal needs to be mailed to the parish (300 East 11800 South, Draper, UT 84020 ATTN: Baptisms)

    Scheduling the Baptism

    After receiving your Baptism Request Form, you will be contacted by the Baptism Coordinator to help you through the baptism process, requirements, scheduling, etc. Please allow up to two weeks after filling out the form for a coordinator to contact you. Once the baptism requirements are complete, a baptism date can be scheduled.

    We look forward to assisting your family with this beautiful Sacrament!

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