Sunday, March 20 Small Group Zoom Lessons

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Year 1

FHCYear1A at 9:00 AM with Mr. Isaac Hess - Due to Mr. Hess being out of town, class was not held. Select any of the other classes.

FHCYear1B at 12:45 PM with Mrs. Teresa Harke

FHCYear1C at 2:00 PM with Mrs. Domenica LaPorte

FHCYear1D at 4:00 PM with Mrs. Kristen Lustic

Year 2

FHCYear2A at 9:30 AM with Mrs. Paula Summers

FHCYear2B at 11:00 AM with Mr. Bill Kaiser

FHCYear2C at 1:30 PM with Mrs. Sandy Schmitt

FHCYear2D at 2:00 PM with Mrs. Jeanne Zinman

FHCYear2E at 4:00 PM with Mrs. Alyssa White

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