Confirmation Sunday, January 22 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

Please sit with your student and follow the steps below to complete the make-up lesson.

Step #1: If you didn't attend mass over the weekend, watch Mass below.
Write in your Mass journal about something you learned, something that caught your attention, a question you have, etc.

Step #2: Print off "My Guide to Reconciliation" booklet we distributed during the lesson. See below.
You may need to re-arrange the pages so that they are in the correct order when you fold the booklet. There are properly printed copies available at the front desk if you need one.

Step #3: Watch the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson below.
See if you can answer the questions our speakers ask as you go!

Step #4: Click HERE to answer the make-up lesson questions.
You can now see the correct answers by clicking on the "view accuracy" button once you submit the form!

Please note: this is not a perfect system. Questions for which you have to write out your answer may be marked wrong because of the limitations of Google Forms. The scoring system is the only way we can have Google share the correct answers with you--we are not tracking scores in any way.

My Guide to Reconciliation
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