Confirmation Sunday, November 20 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

Please sit with your student and follow the steps below to complete the make-up lesson.

Before you begin, download and print the "TheLeastofThese" pdf. You will need it for the activity during the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson.

Follow these directions:

Step #1: If you didn't attend mass over the weekend, watch Mass. See video below.

Step #2: Watch the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson, pausing after Father Tilley's lesson (at 23:57).

Step #3: Complete the "TheLeastofThese.pdf"

Directions: Work together with your student to complete 2 or 3 columns of the worksheet. First, read the bible verse at the top of the column. Second, discuss how society helps this group. Third, discuss and have your student write down 1 or 2 things they can do to help that group.

Step #4: Jump to 33:16 in the video to finish watching the Sunday Sanctuary lesson

Step #3: Click HERE to answer the make-up lesson questions.

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