Confirmation Sunday, November 6 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

Please sit with your student and follow the steps below to complete the make-up lesson.

You will need the following for this weeks lesson:

  • 1/2 sheet of plain paper for each person
  • Something to draw with - crayons, markers or colored pencils

Step #1: If you didn't attend mass over the weekend, watch Mass. See the first video below.

Step #2: Think about something that "awes" you.
Maybe it is something in nature like a sunset, sunrise, or mountains. Maybe it is a person.

Each person should draw a picture of it. Jump to 9:45 in the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson video after completing this activity.

Step #3: Watch the rest of the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson.

For your reference, here are the questions that Father Tilley lists in this lesson:

  1. Why is my relationship with God important?
  2. How can I grow in the faith?
  3. What are the fears that keep me from giving myself entirely to Jesus?
  4. Where, other than in Jesus, am I searching for happiness?
  5. Do I truly believe that I am worth being loved?

Step #4: Click HERE to answer the make-up lesson questions.

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