Confirmation Sunday, September 24, 2023 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

Sit with your student and follow the steps below to complete the Sunday Sanctuary make-up lesson:

Step #1: If you didn't attend Mass over the weekend, watch Mass (video below).
Write in your Mass journal about something you learned, something that caught your attention, a question you have, etc.

Step #2: Print the PDF document below. As you watch the lesson, fill out the H.E.L.P. side with information you learn for each letter. Each letter refers to one pillar of the Catholic Church. Turn to page xiii in your A Well-Built Faith book for additional information.

Step #3: Watch the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson (video below).

Step #4: Talk with your student about each

Step #5: Answer the questions HERE

Confirmation Handout 4 Pillars of the Catechism
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