FHC Sunday, December 11, 2022 Family Lesson (Week 2.13)

This week you will need:

  1. bible
  2. something to write with
  3. your Finding God book
  4. your sacrament book: Primary God's Gift Reconciliation OR your Intermediate God's Gift Reconciliation and Eucharist(students grades 4- 6, if you are using this book.)

Then follow these steps:

Step One:
Go to mass and write in your mass journal. Or watch mass (see video below) and write in your journal. Parents - if writing in the mass journal is distracting to your student during mass, they are welcome to write in it after mass. Be sure they date the page. You are welcome to ask them questions to help them come up with something meaningful to write.

Step Two:
Complete Session 7 in your Finding God book

Read the lesson, do the exercises and activities, scan the QR codes, and talk about what you are learning!

Step Three:

Complete pages 65-75 ("I Live My Faith") in the Primary God's Gift Reconciliation book


pages 84-101 in the Intermediate God's Gift Reconciliation and Eucharist (students in grades 4-6, if using this book).

Step Four: Click HERE to answer the lesson questions.

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