FHC Sunday, January 8, 2023 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

Step #1: If you didn't attend mass over the weekend, watch Mass and write in your Mass journal. See the video below.
Have your student write in their mass journal. They can write about something they learned, a question they have, the main point of the homily, etc. Please remember to date the entry. They can write in their journal after watching the Mass or while they are watching the Mass. Questions to ask your student to help them: What is one thing you learned today? Did Father Tilley tell a personal story during the homily? If so, what was it about? Was there a word you learned today?

Step #2: Print off 2 copies of the handout--one for you, and one for your student. See the handout below.

What Gifts Can I Give Jesus

Step #3: Watch the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson. See the video below.
Father Tilley will teach a short lesson and then dismiss students to their small groups to complete the worksheet with their parent. You should complete the worksheet at that time.

Step #4: Answer the make-up lesson questions by clicking HERE. This is how we know you did the lesson!
Since some people have asked us to include the correct answers to the questions, you can now see them by clicking on the "view accuracy" button once you submit the form!

Please note: this is not a perfect system. Questions for which your student has to write out their answer may be marked wrong because of the limitations of Google Forms. We are not tracking scores in any way. We are more interested in our students' learning.

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