FHC Sunday, November 6 Family Lesson

This week you will need:

  1. bible
  2. something to write with
  3. your Finding God book
  4. your Intermediate God's Gift Reconciliation and Eucharist(students grades 4- 6, if you are using this book.)

Note: Students using the God's Gift Primary Sacrament books do not have an assignment in these books this week.

    Pick a time and a place that works for you and your student!

    Then follow these steps:

    Step One:
    Go to mass and write in your mass journal.

    Step Two:
    Complete Unit 1 Session 5 in your Finding God book

    Read the lesson, do the exercises and activities, scan the QR codes, and talk about what you are learning!

    Step Three:
    Students using theIntermediate God's Gift Reconciliation and Eucharist (students in grades 4-6, if using this book) complete pages 78-83 and 102-105 in the "I Live My Faith" section of the book.

    There is no assignment for students using the Primary God's Gift Sacrament books.

    Step Four:
    Click HERE to answer the lesson questions.

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