FHC Sunday, October 30 Sunday Sanctuary Make-Up Lesson

For the lesson, you will need two handouts. Please download and print the "FHC Typology Matching Game" and the "Circle of Grace Secrets and Safety Plan" pdfs below.

Step #1: If you didn't attend mass over the weekend, watch Mass. (See first video below.)

Step #2: Print off the two handouts. If you don't have a printer, please stop in the Parish Office to pick them up. Just speak to someone in the Faith Formation Office to get them.

Step #3: Watch the Sunday Sanctuary Lesson. (See second video below.)

Be sure to stop the video when we work in our small groups and do the FHC Typology Matching Game. You will start on the first page, matching the each Old Testament bible story description on the left hand side with the New Testament bible story description on the right that it prefigures. The second page is the answer key - set it aside for now. On the following 3 pages (pages with pictures), you will want to write under each picture, the story description that belongs to it. The pictures are paired up. The picture on the left is the Old Testament story that prefigures the New Testament picture on the right. For example, the first picture is of a big boat. The description to write under it is: "The Great Flood". The picture next to it is of a man getting baptized. The description to write under it is "John Baptizes Jesus". The Great Flood story prefigures John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.

Once you are done adding the story descriptions, you will cut out each card. Turn them over and play a memory matching game. The goal is to match the Old Testament stories with the New Testament story that it prefigures.

At the end of the Lesson, we cover another Circle of Grace lesson. Be sure to go over the Circle of Grace Secrets and Safety Plan pdf with your child.

Step #3: Click HERE to answer the questions for this make up lesson.

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